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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Farm Boy Opens a Milk Farm, Part Two" by Jay Roberts"Farm Boy Opens a Milk Farm, Part Two" by Jay Roberts Gay Rural/incest
Well, among teen-age boys, news of sexual matters never remains secret
long. Maybe Dex's younger brother learned about it and he told his friend
and so on. Beau was aware that kids, who usually were not friendly, were
greeting him, with a wave, in the halls.Finally, it came to a head when Mal and Cal, 18 year old twins stopped him
as he was leaving school for the day. They were the glamour boys of the
school, and stars of the swimming team. Add to that, their rich
background, Corvette cars and outstanding handsomeness. As swimmers, their
bodies were sleek and long muscled."Hey Beau what are you doing this afternoon?" That was Mal, or maybe Cal,
it was really hard to tell them apart, but Cal had a birthmark on one cheek
of his buttock. Of course it was only later that Beau found out.Beau explained that he had to tend to the milking. But they were so
anxious to have him over for a swim that he promised to finish up real
quick and then take the old farm truck to their place by four o'clock.He was really excited to be awarded, suddenly, with the proffered
friendship of the twins. He washed his hands and face and jumped into the
truck as soon as his chores were finished. Soon he was chugging noisily up
the long curved driveway of the estate. He kept whistling softly at the
elaborate gardens he passed and the house itself looming in the ahead.He parked the truck and was about to go to the front door and ring the bell
when the two boys appeared in the opened doorway. They were shirtless and
barefoot, wearing just their chinos. They surrounded him and patted him on
the back and played with the brass buttons on his Bibb overalls. He was
overwhelmed with his greeting and kept grinning like a fool, he thought."What say we have a cool drink and then go for a swim?"Beau, hot and dry from rushing today and he accepted gratefully. They went
to the rear patio, overlooking the large swimming pool. One of the twins
sat with Beau, talking about typical kids stuff like teachers they hated or
liked. Soon the other boy arrived with tall glasses of cola. "The really
full glass is for you friend." said the twin holding the tray.Beau drank greedily, and then put the glass down realizing that he had
appeared to drink piggishly. "Oops, sorry, I was real thirsty." Then to
his further embarrassment, he let out a big burp. The twins laughed, but
Beau blushed bright red."Hey," said Cal. "What say we cool our friend off more with a nice swim?
The pool temperature is just right from the heater.""Wal, that's real nice of you fellas to offer a swim, but I didn't bring
along a bathing suit. Fact is, I don't own one. And....I am right sorry
to say, I am not wearing underpants under my overalls, so....""Tell you what," Mal said, "We'll swim with no suits. We do that often."
He nodded to his twin and they both slipped off their trousers and then
their blue bikinis. Mal turned around and pointed to his birthmark on his
right ass cheek. "See this? Now remember who is Mal.""Yeah, I don't have one. I am perfect," said Cal.The twins stared at Beau. Finally Beau got the idea and whipped off his
clothes. For the first time they got a look at the spectacular museum
quality body of the farm boy. It was pure, smooth white skin lying over
strong muscles. His legs were hairless, but muscled and even his feet were
like those on a statue.For a moment the twins just stared. Finally they shook themselves into
action and both dived into the pool, calling out for Beau real lolita cp pic to follow. But
Beau was shaking his head to clear it. He wasn't sure why he felt sort of
riled up in his sexual area and hot all over. Of course he didn't know
that he had a cola that had been doctored with a sexual stimulant and a
small amount of roofie.He figured the swim would make him feel better. He stepped in. The water
was just comfortable and he pushed off to swim in long easy strokes. The
twins watched in amazement. One called, "Hey Beau, why don't you try out
for the team?""To busy with chores," he answered, noting that his speech was a bit thick.The twins smiled at each other. "What say we adjourn to our bedroom?"They stepped out and helped the groggy Beau out. He stood there dripping.
The boys grabbed a towel and they both rubbed him dry, one lifted his heavy
cock and reverently dried his large sac. Beau was half erected and he
apologized for that condition, but the boys showed him that they too were
stiff. The boys had nice slim, long cocks, both circumcised, unlike Beau
who had a long, meaty cover.They each threw an arm around the farm boy's cool, smooth skin and guided
him upstairs to the their bedroom. When Beau entered, his eyes opened
wide. He had never seen anything like it. There was a 50" TV, dozens of
game boxes, hundreds of CDs and DVDs. Each boy had his own bed, and each
was a king size. Beau thought about his tiny room upstairs in the loft and
the two cots there and shelves instead of dressers."Come on over and lay down on the bed. You must be tired from school,
swimming and chores," said one of the twins. The other one agreed and
pushed him gently toward the bed. Once he was stretched out, Cal said, "I
heard nude preteen lolita model about the milking. It sounds hot. But what we are wondering about
is whether you ever drank right from the teat."In spite of Beau's lassitude he had to laugh. "Yep, crazy as it sounds, I
did it a few weeks ago. Milk tastes real fine coming right from the
spigot.""That's what we thought. Would top preteen lolita models you like to pretend this is lolitas nudes 14 year a cow teat and
get some milk out of it?" He accompanied this question with a lift of his
own penis now decorated with lolitas nudes 14 year a bumble of pre cum.Now Beau was innocent, but no dope. He had heard about sucking penises.
He was not adverse to it, having thought about it a lot. But he wanted to
be the one sucked. "Sound mighty temptin' go ahead, do it."That took the boy by surprise, but his brother pushed him down on Beau as
he whispered in his ear. "Get him real hot, then we can fuck him."So the boy leaned over and picked up Beau's cock where it was against his
belly. He did it with his tongue. That caused Beau to sigh loudly at the
attention. What the twin didn't realize is that once has mouth was around
the perfect cock, that he was thrilled with the feeling and reluctant to
quit. Finally he had to be pushed away by the other boy. "Why did you
stop Cal, or Hal. I caint see yer rump with the mark. It felt real fine."Beau was deep in sexual haze. little lolita free photos His eyes were slits, his mouth kept watering
with passion. Hal said, "Beau, I am going to give you the most wonderful
feeling. Now let me pick up your legs."Beau would agree to anything the way he now felt. Soon Hal picked up the
smooth muscular legs and tucked one calf under each arm and pressed forward
so that Beau's ass hole was up in the air.Cal became busy also, he leaned over Beau and began licking the boy's
pretty pink nubs. The flesh around them crinkled up and the tits hardened
and pushed out like little penises. Then at the same time, Hal began a
licking of Beau's pucker. This double assault had Beau sailing through the
air in dizzy passion."Now you hick, you rural rube, you are going to get plowed by the gay
reaper. Get ready, here comes my cock."Beau was about to object when Cal pushed his slim cock into the boy's open
lips blocking his objections. Simultaneously Hal pushed into the tight
anus, steadily, inch by inch. Beau almost passed out from the strangeness
and the initial discomfort, but almost immediately it began to feel good.
The fullness and the movement over his insides were the greatest thing he
had ever felt.He groaned out, "Oh I truly love what yer doing. Don't stop."Hal groaned back, "Do you know what I am doing? Tell me?""I think ya'all are corn holing me an' I love it mightily."Pretty soon no one in the room could make an intelligible statement as
their sexual excitement overcame them. "Oh fuck," shouted Hal, "It's
taking all of my strength to kept from cumming. This boy's hole is the
hottest I ever felt.""Me too, brother," groaned Cal, "His sweet lips and young preteen lolitas undressed tongue are driving me
crazy, but our Beau boy is further along than we are. Look at the way the
red blushes are traveling up and down his body.""Yeah, I think that we he blows, it's going free upskirt pussy lolita to be a doozey."Beau meanwhile was humming around Mal's stick and licking off the head and
squeezing the shaft with his full lips. He was really enjoying the
activity and it helped keep from spewing, but then he felt Hal let out a
hoarse shout and he felt over him as his cock began spewing hot lava inside
the farm boy. That feeling and Hal's hot body over him broke his self
control and Beau began shaking and spewing long spurts, maybe six. They
landed on his chest and some scalded Cal's cheeks and back. In a second he
too began to deliver his milk into Beau's dutifully sucking craw.Afterward, they all lay there, too overcome to speak. Finally Beau lifted
his head. "Oh this was the best day I ever had. My penis is jes' as happy
as kin be. I am so mighty obliged to my two school friends. I wish I
could do somethin' fer you. Wait, tomorrow I'll bring you a gallon of
fresh milk."The twins laughed. Cal said, "The only milk we want from you is from your
pretty cock."Beau blushed, but he knew that he was launched on an adventure that might
include other classmates of his, or other farm boys down at the county
seat.When he was dressed, he politely went to each lolita nude model blog twin and held out his hand to
thank them for the invite and the drink. But each boy grabbed the hand and
pulled Beau to them for a deep juicy kiss.He left and climbed into the truck, those kisses still lingering on his
lips.EndNote: In other stories about Farm Boys they craftily turned the tables and
fucked the other person, but I felt he was ready to participate fully in
the fun.
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